On Monday, November 21, 2023, the Water Basin Agency for Sakia El Hamra and Wadi Al-Dhahab approved the Integrated Water Resources Development Master Plan. This approval was in accordance with the provisions of Law 15-36 related to water, following consultations with various institutional stakeholders and taking into consideration the observations and recommendations of the meeting of the members of the Water Basin Council for Sakia El Hamra and Wadi Al-Dhahab, which took place on January 19, 2023.

The approval of this significant project will enable the activation and enhancement of the regional water policy that adopts sustainable and integrated choices to address the structural water stress in this area. In this regard, it was disclosed that over 9 billion dirhams have been allocated for this project, a substantial amount that will be used to implement numerous major and sustainable water projects. These projects aim to ensure drinking water for the population, provide water for agricultural irrigation, and address drought conditions over the next 30 years.

In the same context, it was emphasized after the approval of this project that Morocco, under the wise leadership, has been and continues to make efforts to develop water resources in various basins and preserve them to ensure sustainable water supply, despite challenges related primarily to the limited nature of these resources. The Sakia El Hamra and Wadi Al-Dhahab basin holds particular importance for the Ministry of Equipment and Water, as it is given high priority in water resource management, flood protection, and the construction of small and medium-sized dams.