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Hydraulic Infrastructures

Infrastructure for mobilizing surface water resources.

The mobilization of surface water resources is done through:

  • The Sakia El Hamra dam: with a total capacity of 110Mm3, this dam located on the same-named river near the city of Laayoune is currently being reconstructed after its destruction by the flood in October 2016. Its main purpose is to protect the city of Laâyoune against floods and to recharge the Foum El Oued aquifer, which contributes to the drinking water supply of the city of Laayoune.
  • 16 lacs colinéaires, including 5 recently completed as part of the New Model for Development of the Southern Provinces (NMDPS) projects 2015-2021, distributed throughout the entire action zone. The total storage capacity of these colinear lakes is 6 million cubic meters.
  • 157 Métifias with capacities ranging from 70 to 150m3.

Infrastructure for mobilizing groundwater resources.

In total, 1,399 water points, totaling a digging of 126,500 linear meters (lm), have been carried out in the Sahara basin between 1976 and 2018. These achievements are divided between wells, reconnaissance drillings, and exploitation drillings. They have made it possible to mobilize the equivalent of a flow rate equipped with nearly 4,230 l/s of groundwater.