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Director’s word



Sidi Mokhtar EL KANTI

Dear visitors, It is with great pleasure that I welcome you to our platform dedicated to the planning, management, and preservation of water resources in the Sakia el Hamra and Oued Ed-Dahab Hydraulic Basin.

In this basin, each drop of water holds an invaluable value. We face unique and complex challenges: the scarcity of surface water resources coupled with the degraded quality of available groundwater resources. These existing water resources must meet the demands of a growing population and emerging economy. This situation is further compounded by severe drought sequences and exacerbated by the impact of climate change. The imperative to develop innovative and inclusive approaches becomes crucial.

To address these challenges, the Sakia el Hamra and Oued Ed-Dahab Hydraulic Basin Agency, as the main actor in water resources management and planning in its area of ​​operation, is fully committed to implementing its water resources management strategy through an integrated approach that takes into account this particular context, and a dedicated team that works tirelessly to achieve this goal.

We understand the vital, economic, social, and environmental value of water in our region, and it is with a deep sense of responsibility that we work towards its balanced and sustainable use.

I invite you to explore the pages of this platform to discover the details of our initiatives, the results of our actions, and above all, to understand the importance of your participation. The preservation of water can only be done together, and we are delighted to count on your support and commitment for a more promising water future.