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The Integrated Water Resources Master Plan for the Sakia El Hamra and Oued Eddahab Hydraulic Basin (PDAIRE) aims, under the Water Law 36-15, to ensure the rational management of water resources at the hydraulic basin level in order to meet the water needs of different users. Once approved, this document will serve as a reference for water resource planning in the Sakia El Hamra and Oued Eddahab basin.


This plan deals with the characterization, both in time and space, of the evolution of hydraulic resources and water needs, the allocation of mobilized and mobilizable water among various users, the actions to be taken for the mobilization, distribution, preservation, protection, and restoration of water resources, and finally, it deals with the fight against the effects of floods and the management of water shortages.


The projection horizon of the PDAIRE will be 2050. It will define the action zone of the Sakia El Hamra and Oued Ed-Dahab Hydraulic Basin Agency:

  • The objectives of the PDAIRE.
  • The technical and economic comparison of development schemes and selection of the chosen optimal scheme.
  • The Analysis of the impact of climate change on water resources.
  • Establishment of a schedule for the implementation of proposed actions and development plans.
  • The Financial Aspects of the PDAIRE.
  • The Institutional Aspects of the PDAIRE.
  • The Monitoring and Implementation Indicators of the PDAIRE.