The Water Basin Agency for Sakia El Hamra and Wadi Al-Dhahab has confirmed that it has carried out several planned operations during the year 2023 with the aim of developing water supply and preserving and protecting water resources in the region. The agency also seeks to mitigate the impact of extreme factors, aiming to overcome drought and climate change in the southern provinces of the Kingdom.

In this regard, the agency explained that these operations also aim to ensure the supply of safe drinking water and irrigation water to citizens. The agency revealed that, concerning the development of water supply in the region, work has been carried out this year on drilling for groundwater and geophysical and hydrological studies to provide drinking water in rural areas. Regarding the protection and preservation of water resources, the mentioned agency confirmed the completion of drilling and pump testing operations, salinity measurement, campaigns to measure the level and quality of water resources, and the restoration of water points. Additionally, efforts were made to enhance public water rights and study groundwater replenishment.

As for mitigating the impact of extreme factors, the Water Basin Agency for Sakia El Hamra and Wadi Al-Dhahab disclosed that in 2023, they acquired meteorological data, purchased equipment for the flood prediction and warning system, completed the “Flood-Prone Areas Atlas,” and constructed an annex to the hydrological station. They also accomplished a study on flood protection for the city of Laayoune.