Official data received from the “Al Ma Diyalna” platform confirms that the Water Basin Agency for Sakia El Hamra and Wadi Al-Dhahab has continued its successive campaigns to target unauthorized wells through its inspection visits conducted in collaboration with local authorities, specifically regarding water public property and its utilization within its jurisdiction. Additionally, the agency has granted a number of permits for the implementation of water wells.

Based on the same information, the agency, during the years 2021 and 2022, issued 100 permits, including 86 permits for drilling wells, conducting boreholes, and water extraction, 08 permits for temporary occupation, 5 permits for extracting construction materials, and one permit for diverting a watercourse.

Regarding the monitoring of water public property, 104 water points were monitored, including 16 points in the Smara region, 17 points in the Laayoune region, 10 points in the Tarfaya region, 41 points in the Dakhla region, and 5 water points in the Tan-Tan region.