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Review of Projects Impacting Water Resources

To give an opinion on any project that may have an impact on water resources and the public hydraulic domain, including concession contracts and specifications related to seawater desalination.

This task is pivotal to ensuring sustainable water resource management in the region. Here is an elaboration on this mission:

  1. Project Evaluation:
  • The Agency plays a key role in evaluating any project that may impact water resources. This encompasses irrigation projects, land development initiatives, hydraulic resource exploitation, and any industrial project that could affect water quality or availability.
  1. Concession Contracts Analysis:
  • When concession contracts are under consideration, especially for water-related activities such as seawater desalination, the Agency meticulously examines the terms and conditions to ensure they align with sustainable water management standards.
  • This analysis includes verifying environmental sustainability, water resource utilization procedures, and the preservation of aquatic ecosystems.
  1. Compliance with Environmental Standards:
  • The Agency ensures that projects subjected to its evaluation adhere to current environmental standards. This involves guaranteeing compliance with national and international regulations regarding water protection, biodiversity, and aquatic ecosystems.
  1. Participation in Developing Specifications:
  • For specific projects, notably seawater desalination, the Agency may participate in developing project specifications. This includes defining environmental and hydraulic criteria that must be adhered to throughout the project’s lifecycle.
  1. Public Consultations:
  • The Agency promotes citizen participation by organizing public consultations on projects impacting water resources. This allows inclusion of local community opinions and concerns in the decision-making process.
  1. Recommendations and Opinions:
  • Following the evaluation, the Agency issues formal recommendations and opinions on the projects in question. These opinions may contain suggestions for adjustments, prerequisites, or specific recommendations aimed at minimizing negative impacts on water resources.
  1. Monitoring and Implementation of Decisions:
  • The Agency monitors projects after issuing its opinions, ensuring that recommendations are taken into account and necessary corrective measures are implemented in line with established standards.

In summary, the “Input on Projects Impacting Water Resources” mission of the Sakia El Hamra and Oued Eddahab Hydraulic Basin Agency aims to ensure responsible management of water-related projects, protect water resources, and promote sustainable development in the region.

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